Naruto Rec List
There are plenty of rec fics in the Naruto fandom.This is just an other one to add to the list. Sasuke's my favourite character so this is for all sasuke lovers out there. Mostly, the fics are sasunarusasu, aside from a few excptions. I have a few years of reading fics behind my back, these are just some of the most memorable. Ongoing.

damaged sasuke
short and funny, sasuke-centric.

These are the facts
SasuHina.Usually not my cup of tea but this author made it believable for me,made me wanna explore it more, read more fics involving this couple.
It's not overly sappy, not totally fluffy, there's no sudden "falling deeply in love" outta's real. Real the way life is and it put a smile on my face.

A Thousand Ways to be Alone
NaruSasuNeji .
a cute lil' piece with just enough emotion and the right amount of feeling. And i especially like the passage that describes their respective ways of being alone.

the dead mother and her children
sasuke-centric. short and poignant. Brought tears to my eyes. i love Mikoto's characterisation, and this piece is just so sad it hit home.

of red fans and white tears
Mikoto-centric. It's the idea, the way the scene is painted and the story told and i'm impressed and i love it.

The subtle Art of Uchiha Seduction
Narusasu. Hilarious,pure crack.

Seldom Woods
Sasunarusasu. This one was such a good read.Funny at times and then angsty at others, especially on Sasuke's end of the deal. The characterizations are great.

Ashes, Ashes
Sasunarusasu. this was beautifully writen, and made me cry.

implicit love is to explicit lust
Narusasu. some phrases here were just beautiful, the concepts too.

When dressing like your crush gives you telepathy
Narusasu. Sakura pov. this one's beautiful and sad and the closing sentence is different kinds of brilliant, i don't even know why.

the vicarious value of vivacious love
Narusasu. this author has a way with words.
Summary: -- Naruto laughed and Sasuke lifted his head up. His breath hitched, a sound like the strike of a match. “I hate you.” And Naruto understood that Sasuke had only missed by one word.

Sasunaru, SasunaruSai (friendship/implied)
this was such a good read i can't even...
Summary: Naruto doesn't know why playing a perfect game of house is suddenly so important to him, but he's going to try, even if it means letting the scary new kid play (or making Sai the mum). A short of loneliness and how it binds them together.

Sasuke-centric. short and cute and made me smile and feel ok with the world.

The Great Debate
Narusasu.Hilarious. and i mean, hilaaaarious. but also, well thought, so very cute and, at times, sweet.
Summary: It all started, innocently enough, with a pair of jeans.

Blood Thicker Than Water
KakaSasu. the ending left a sad aftertaste and i love it.
Summary: Sasuke is brought back to Konoha on a tight leash, and he doesn't particularly like who he is tied to.

Slouching towrds Bethlehem
ItaSasu. ok so thsi broke my heart, hit too close home.

Dangerously in love
This one is pretty rare in kind, because it has Naruto being the bad guy and Sasuke being the victim. this was heartbreaking and intense and real, and for me, the ending was open, which mad it such a beautiful ache i couldn't not love this fic.
Summary: There were rules to never be broken but here we are breaking the most important of them all. AU. Rated M for a reason. Gaa/Naru Sasu/Naru yaoi.

Sasunarusasu. Funfunfun story to read.awesomeness!!
Summary: Much to Naruto's dismay, Sasuke invites himself to a night of drunken debauchery with Naruto and his college friends…only to realize it was a horrible idea because, well, he wants Naruto all for himself.

an awkward position
NaruSasu. Hot and funny on the surface, especially with Itachi's interjections. But also surprisingly emotional in the way it decripts naruto and sasuke's feelings for each other.
Summary: In which big brother has to teach Sasuke how he should first and foremost close the goddamn door when his goddamn boyfriend is in his room doing goddamn... things.

Mirror, Mirror
NaruSasu.In this one, They switch bodies when sasuke is brought back to konoha and they're stuck teaching each other jutsu.The interactions are IC and funny, the plot believable and the story beautiful. It was a delight to read, and the ending was bittersweet for me, but i love how it was held open.

What isn't broken (Can still be fixed)
Sasunarusasu. Sasuke's blind, he teaches, he fights even without sight and is, generally, all kinds of awesome. what's not to love?
Summary: Madara lied about the eye transplant's effects. Captured and brought back to Konoha, Sasuke must adjust to blindness and his unexpected survival.

Locker Room Therapy so so beautiful the relationship between them and how sasuke helps naruto deal with things.Raw, and emotional and really fucking painful and beautiful somehow.
Summary: "He'd rather think about Sasuke punching him, kissing him. It's weird, but normal-weird. His-life-weird. It's not waking up handcuffed to a lead pipe and being held down as a psycho with his father's face calls him 'my son' and carves up his cheeks."

The Bends
Sasunarusasu. This is a 5 parts fic and it's really really so good.
Summary: His name was Naruto, and they said he could 'hear' when a person was going to die. And Sasuke, being diagnosed with a life threatening disease, couldn't help but be drawn to him.

Fic: Coup d'Etat
Title: Coup d'Etat
Rating: M
Pairing: G-Ri

      He can’t breathe.
            He chokes.
            He chokes.
            Water in his eyes, in his nose, in his mouth.
            In his lungs.
            In a fuzzy blur, he thinks he can recognize Seungri’s voice screaming his name, somewhere in the distance.
            Is this the end?
Disclaimer: yeah, they're mine. right.
Word count: 9919

Fic: The way it goes
Title: The way it goes
Rating: G
Pairing: G-Ri 
Summary: A snapshot at their relationship, the way they feel and the way it goes.
Disclaimer: yeah, they're mine. right.
Word count: 684

Attention, attention attention, his greedy eyes seem to demand.Collapse )

Fic: Jiyong sleeps
Title: Jiyong sleeps
Rating: G
Pairing: G-Ri (Jiyong centric)
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: Jiyong sleeps. He dreams.
Disclaimer: yeah, they're mine. right.
Word count: 298

Jiyong laughs. He smiles and smiles and mostly he doesn’t have to fake.Collapse )

Fanfic: Dear Cupid
Title: Dear Cupid
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Summary: Cupid must die. Painfully.(Hermione pov).
Disclaimer: I don't own... Rowling does.

And I will hunt you down and, once I catch you, shove that evil little bow of yours so far up your…Oh well, no need for vulgarity, just consider yourself warned. Collapse )

Fanfic: Selfish
Title: Selfish
Pairing: Ron/Draco, Harry/Ron
Summary: Harry muses over his relationship with Ron, based on shaky grounds, unrequited love, selfishness and sacrifice. A choice had been made and maybe, maybe it was the wrong one.
Disclaimer: I don't own, Rowling does.

"Choose".Collapse )

Fanfic: Love (Ron/Draco)
Title: Love
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Summary: Draco realises.
Disclaimer: I don't own, Rowling does.

"Love", Ron says.Collapse )

Fic: Try This
Title: Try this
Rating: K
Pairing: G-Ri (Jiyoung/Seungri)
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Try this, watch Seungri, watch Jiyong... and you'll see.
Disclaimer: yeah, they're mine. right.

Quartier des écrivains : Bare necessities
3 things i can't live without...
My family and friends (they fall into the same category)
Name three things you can’t live without.

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
i have this friend and she's such a bully...the way she does it, i can't confront her abt it 'cause it's always between jokes and with laughter in her voice but the thg is, she makes fun of me in front of my other friends, constantly demands that i be there for her the minute she calls('cause she has a lot of problems, and that's why i can't say no, 'cause we go waaay back and i *care*), not caring if i have plans or places to be. All is to be cancelled to go see her, and if or when i'm late, well...scolding issues, actual scolding like if i'm supposed to be hanging there at her every whim waiting for her to call me, and be there15 mins after her call even though she lives far away...
She's the biggest bully 'cause i can't even say it to her face. she's having a hard time, and she's my friend...and even though, i'm always there for her, she still finds a way to always make me feel guilty abt this or that, like if i should be trying harder, doing more. And i meet her, and we're alone, and she's vulnerable and sad and i try and cheer her up and we have laughs and it's nice...but then, i meet her and other friends, and she puts on a brave face and turns everythg into a joke...abt  me. Makes them laugh with thgs i told her and that she's not supposed to repeat, tells thgs that happened to me but rather than report the exact happenings, blows thgs out of proportion, makes me look stupid and ridiculous and ashamed...
She's the biggest bully 'cause i can't hate her.


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