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Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
i have this friend and she's such a bully...the way she does it, i can't confront her abt it 'cause it's always between jokes and with laughter in her voice but the thg is, she makes fun of me in front of my other friends, constantly demands that i be there for her the minute she calls('cause she has a lot of problems, and that's why i can't say no, 'cause we go waaay back and i *care*), not caring if i have plans or places to be. All is to be cancelled to go see her, and if or when i'm late, well...scolding issues, actual scolding like if i'm supposed to be hanging there at her every whim waiting for her to call me, and be there15 mins after her call even though she lives far away...
She's the biggest bully 'cause i can't even say it to her face. she's having a hard time, and she's my friend...and even though, i'm always there for her, she still finds a way to always make me feel guilty abt this or that, like if i should be trying harder, doing more. And i meet her, and we're alone, and she's vulnerable and sad and i try and cheer her up and we have laughs and it's nice...but then, i meet her and other friends, and she puts on a brave face and turns everythg into a joke...abt  me. Makes them laugh with thgs i told her and that she's not supposed to repeat, tells thgs that happened to me but rather than report the exact happenings, blows thgs out of proportion, makes me look stupid and ridiculous and ashamed...
She's the biggest bully 'cause i can't hate her.

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Oh she doesn't sound very much like a friend to me :-( x

You're right but that's okay, cause i did end up talking to her about it, we had this huge fight but ever since, she's been trying on her end to be a better friend...the thing is, it wasn't her fault. well, yes, it partially was, but it was also my fault for letting myself get bullied by a friend like that. That won't happen again :p

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